Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Social reality

Do you also expect so? I hate whenever my expectations come to such reality... And few questions for you:
1. How many friends do you have in facebook?
2. How many of these you actually communicate with?
3. Could you live without facebook?


  1. 1. Maybe 38 i don't show off.
    2. 2 or 3
    3. Yes it's not that important.

  2. Facebook can be really, really useful if you don't get sucked into the whole 'checking it for updates every 5 minutes'. I kind of have that problem, but it's also because I have too much time on my hands.

  3. 1. 305
    2. ~100 max
    3. yeah, off course :]

  4. phthalo, same here, I go to facebook and refresh it every mintute, even if I know that nothing will happen :D

  5. 1. 250
    2. 50
    3. Yup, although i'd probably miss some parties.

  6. 1.284
    2.60(class mates and other friends)
    3.sure I'm not that addicted like times ago damn why did I do that

  7. i don't get stressed about facebook. i only talk on facebook with the people i would normaly talk. not more than 40-50. facebook friends: almost 200

  8. So true... but I play facebook games so its about

    1) 500
    2) 100
    3) 900

    But only 5 notifications are from real friends

  9. i have way too many friends for my own good. i only communicate with a small number. but i agree with Potholderz, I could live without...but i would miss some big events, i think.

  10. Facebook can be very handy, but also very addicting! I try to only go on when I get an email notification

  11. 1. About 300
    2. I'd say 200 to 250? but a lot are people from school I barely know.
    3. Maybe, but I'd end up using skype and my phone a hell of a lot more.

  12. i hate facebook, 'coz its nonsense. it sucks, nothing interesting there.

  13. I don't have a Facebook, but I used to. Got rid of it because I didn't like the idea of it.

  14. I just made my fb account about 2 days ago and I did that only coz my friends were really insisting. Believe me, humanity can totally survive without facebook too...

  15. 1. 180... i trim it down all the time
    2. about... 30 tops
    3. Most definitely